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7 cotton patchworks coloured with plant-based dyes

In collaboration with Shetland Arts and students of schools in Sandwick, Sound, Happy Hansel, Whiteness, Brae, Lerwick, Ollaberry and those who visited Mareel.


In the context of the Creative Sustainable Futures program initiated by Shetland Arts, I was invited to create a project around plant-based dyes. Working together with several schools in Shetland, I created seven patchworks which are made up of squares of textile coloured by madder root, logwood, weld, nettle and cochineal. Pre-coloured patches were taken to schools around Shetland and stamped using Oak Gall ink. These were assembled together into seven different patchworks.


The patchworks will be exhibited at Mareel in Lerwick later this year.

The exhibition was made possible with the support of Vlaamse Overheid

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