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36 Silver Gelatin Prints


This work illustrates an ongoing fascination for how the interiors of caves are translated photographically. Their sculptural surface is defined by the flash needed to render them. This project consists of 36 photographs, the amount of pictures on a 35mm film roll, inside a single cave. The pictures are taken in the Chiang Dao Caves north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The caves are said to have been the home of a hermit who convinced angels to create a stream flowing from a pedestal of gold Buddha statue, a storehouse of textiles, a city of Naga, and a tombstone for himself. Legend has it that these wonders are still hidden deep inside the caves. The hermits who inhabited these caves sculpted figures in it's walls. Whilst walking though them, it is difficult to distinguish the sculptures created by man with the ones that are created naturally by the stallegtites and stallegmites. 

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