Erien Withouck



Erien Withouck’s (1994) work stems from a desire to stop time and simultaneously (re)animate it.  It comes from a desire to look, but also to show. To find and to lose.  Photographs are loose fragments from a history that has passed; they are imaginary representations of a bygone story.  From that perspective, individual photos and moving images are well suited to tell a new story though placing them in relation with other images.  Withouck often uses archive material that she combines with her own Image archive to braid new narratives and suggest other histories.



2017-2020:       Master in Cultural Studies
                         KU Leuven, Leuven
                         Summa Cum Laude

2013 – 2017:    Bachelor in Visual Arts: Photography
                         Luca School of Arts, Brussel
                         Cum Laude






2020    (title to be announced) (solo), Tique, Antwerp

2020    Marée (solo), CAS, Ostend

2020    BAC Open Studio Days, Leuven

2020    Ithaka 28, Leuven

2019    Off the Grid presenting 'The Archive Hotel', CASCO, Leuven

2019    Het nest tussen waarheid en herinnering, Ijsberg, Damme

2019    Sweet Seventy, CAS, Oostende

2019    Onverbloemd, Bloementorens, Diksmuide

2019    The Belgian Photobook, FoMU, Antwerp

2019    Many a Moon, Recyclart, Brussels

2019    4X4 (Alumni Project), Ravenstein, Brussels

2019    That-Has-Been, 'In de Ruimte', Gent

2019    Expo Bring Your Photobook, Liège

            (L'Image Sans Nom, Galerie Wegimont)

2018    De Nieuwe Garde, Kunst in Huis, Antwerp

2018    Het Objectief, Gent

2017    Graduation Show, Sint Lukas, Brussels

2016    YOU!, BredaPhoto, Breda

2015    RE: Dessauvage, Moderne Kerken Herbekeken, KADOC, Leuven

2015    Sneak Peek, Tussenin, Oostende


2020   BAC, Leuven

2021   Szenne, Brussels


2019   DIP Talks, Sint Lukas, Brussels

2019   Guest Lecture, Photography and Visual Culture, KU Leuven






2018    Shortlist Photobook Awards, Liège Photobook Festival, Liège

2018    De Nieuwe Garde, Kunst in Huis

2018    Young European Talent (YET Programme), Maastricht



Work Experience:

2018    Research

            Argos Centre for Art and Media, Brussels

             & M HKA, Museum of Contemporary art Antwerp

            Regarding Project: Belgian Artist film & video in the ‘70’s

2018    (current) Research & Organizational Assistance

            Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, KU Leuven

2015    Internship: Department Curator Collection, FoMU

            Regarding exhibition Photography Inc.






Nomadic film platform initiated by Anouk De Clercq to bring alternative cinema to Ostend