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Sound installation, 12 hours

In collaboration with Alex Recio Rodriguez for the silent film festival SHHH organised by monokino in the pavillion of Pleasure Island

'By the way, eating raw carrots gives a clear voice' is based on the work of the Ostend writer Ary Sleeks (1888 - 1966) who wrote (among other titles) various publications focusing on the superstitions and folk remedies of Ostend. This work is based on the publication 'Oostends bijgeloof en Volksremedies'. The folk remedies and superstitions that Sleeks discovered in rest homes were re-recorded by Withouck, told through the voices of Ostend women and men, including in elderly homes.

The 12-hour sound installation echoes the superstitions which once played a very big role in the Ostend fishery. It is made purely by the repetition and reverberation of recorded voices, which becomes abstract after some time. The long duration ensures that the voices will sound differently according to which time of day the installation is visited. 


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