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Video, 6'

Made for the exhibition Sweet Seventy, where 20 Artists from Ostend were asked to make a work inspired by William Sweetlove, a project from DIEPSEE curated by Luc Barbier

"El pulpo" (Octopus) is the nickname Latin Americans gave to the banana industry when North America started establishing banana plantations in the south. By carrying out mass advertising campaigns, The United Fruit Company, now better known as Chiquita, the popularity of the banana grew rapidly. This caused the industry to expand recklessly around South America, hence the comparison with the tentacles of an octopus.

The term "banana republic" also finds its roots in this history. As we can conclude from the many banana-themed youtube videos, the banana has gained a banal and sexual connotation. This is contrasted with the many banana-scandels linked to plantations worldwide today. 

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